1Password app for the iOS gets an update

1Password, one of the world’s top password management applications, recently rolled out an update for its iOS variant, with more robust browser integrations and improved sharing options.

Developed by AgileBits, the update is essentially more than just a routine update, but is also one that says something about how serious its developers take users’ security and privacy.

1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet
At its core, 1Password is an app-service that simplifies the rudimentary processes involved in keying in passwords, at the same time remembering different passwords for different online accounts.

From email logins to online shopping accounts, the app makes the online experiences of its users more streamlined and hassle free, by remembering multiple online username-password combinations for different online accounts.

The new 1Password update essentially strengthens its browser integration with in-app enhancements, along with updated features geared for better sharing, as well as also featuring an advanced search tool. Boasting an “auto-submit” feature, the updated 1Password app also highlights “Copy to Clipboard”, a feature that makes the process of copy-pasting URLs quick, simple and safe.

Designed to work its best with the complementary 1Browser app, 1Password’s value as a password management tool is one which mobile users can’t afford to ignore, considering how stressful remembering multiple login information can be.

Matched by the fact that cases of identity theft have become more commonplace in this day and age, iDevice users can greatly benefit from utilizing the in-app features and highlights of AgileBits’ 1Password password management suite.

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