3 iPhone 4S Amazing Videos (Siri, iCloud and Camera) Ad By Apple

We all have seen the first TV ad that Apple have released advertising the iPhone 4S, if you remember this ad featured Siri the personal assistant that was the main feature Apple wanted to concentrate on. Now Apple has launched three more ads each featuring a different feature. Below you can see each one.

First of all, Siri

We have all seen the reviews, the reports and even a commercial from Apple all featuring the new personal assistant ‘Siri’ that they have added to the new iPhone 4S. The voice assistant Siri is indeed a pretty cool feature as it allows you to  make calls, set reminders, sent texts, read emails, search for information and much more just by asking it do it for you.

Apple have launched yet another ad, featuring Siri, they are concentrating on helping people understand how they could use Siri. They want to customer to think that they need it and therefore they would go out and purchase the iPhone 4S. Below is the ad, it is some what similar to the first add that we poster previously. Still very impressive.

The iCloud

The iPhone 4S also features the iCloud service, this enables you to get your iClous synced documents, music, contact, anything you have saved on it basically and download it on any of you other iOS devices. This is pretty neat as it helps you transfer information and also save documents and music on it if you are running out of storage space.

Watch the amazing video of iCloud below :

Another interesting feature is that if you edit any document on one device the document will be edited automatically on you other iOS devices. This is extremely useful especially when working on documentations and you must avoid mistakes or forget which was the last updates copy. It keeps everything nice and organised. Here is the ad. Very handy.

Last but not least, the camera

Yes, indeed it is the iPhone 4S’ 8 megapixel camera with the improved optics. It enables you to vivid, sharp, crispy and high quality photos right from your iPhone. This new technology they are using is extremely impressive and also hassle free, you do not need your camera anymore all you need is your phone. Even more you can also edit your photos directly on your iPhone screen and share it with your friends. Enjoy the ad.

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