50 million iOS and Android gadgets activated between Dec 25 to Dec 31

http://www.smashiphone.net/hackulous-shuts-down/Last time, we touched up on how phenomenal Dec 25, 2012 had been for Apple and the Android operating system, with more iOS device activations and downloads taking place that day.

As the gathered data of Flurry indicated, there had been more activations and app downloads on Christmas Day, a status that is most likely the result of different gadget gift recipients eagerly activating their new devices and new accounts.

New iOS & Android App Downloads, Holiday Week (billions)
An update on the activation and download figures between December 25 and December 31 was recently featured by Flurry, noting that there had been 50 million iOS and Android activations happening within the time-frame, with a historic 1.76 billion app downloads from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play.

A lot of the iOS and Android downloads is reported to have happened in the United States, followed by China, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and then Canada. Countries which don’t exactly celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, countries like Japan, China and Malaysia, were also included in the top countries-downloads list.

Though the official last quarter sales reports of Apple and Android handsets haven’t yet been officially rolled out, it is safe to say that sales figures for both platforms have been quite satisfactory, given how essential tablets and smartphones have become as basic everyday electronic communication devices.

Bottom line, just as 2013’s start is going well, it appears that the consumer electronic realms is more active than it ever was, and given all the upcoming software and hardware releases, it just might get more active within the year.

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