5th Gen iPad reported to roll out by March 2013

“And here we go again” is at the top of countless electronic consumers’ minds, as news of the reported release of the 5th Generation iPad by March 2013 came out.

Featured in a report by NDTV Gadgets, news of Apple reported to launch a new iPad by March next year have been met with mixed sentiments, a reception that is understandable given that Apple had just released the 4th Gen iPad recently.

5th Gen iPad
Based on the report, the news is said to hail from Macotakara – a tech-centered blog – noting that it had an “inside source” for the piece on the 5th Generation iPad. As a product, the iPad series currently includes the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4, along with the iPad Mini, a scaled down variant of the bigger iPad version.

Essentially a tablet driven by Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, the iPad has been phenomenal in propelling tablets into becoming mainstay electronic consumer goods, rivaling the once popular laptop as a portable computer system.

But tablet standards aside, Apple’s iPad lineup has been the subject of criticisms of late, given how “sporadic” the brand has been in the release of new models and model variants.

This year alone, three iPad versions were released in the iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad 4, resulting to some irked Apple followers who had bought the iPad 3 early in 2012.

Though far from being a testament of truth, the reported release of the 5th Gen iPad by March next year bodes questions over just what Apple is doing, in reportedly rolling out new products once every quarter.

What say you Apple iDevice user? Would you get a new iPad 5 should it actually come out by March next year? Or will you maintain your new iPad 4, which isn’t even 6 months old?

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