7-inch sized Surface tablet is reportedly on the works

Last time, we talked about how Microsoft had updated its certifications standards and rules for the development of Windows 8 apps and hardware components, with the move initially “hinting” the company’s plans for a smaller sized tablet in its next gen Surface tablet lineup.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the details of a Wall Street Journal report, indicating that Microsoft is reportedly planning on actually rolling out a 7-inch sized variant of the device.

7-inch sized Surface tablet is reportedly on the works
Noting sources who are revealed to be familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the report essentially touches up on Microsoft’s plans for the Surface, with the upcoming release of a mid-ranged tablet revealed to be part of the next generation of Surface tablet releases.

The report’s sources indicate that Microsoft originally had no plans of rolling out a smaller mid-size range Microsoft-branded tablet, but the increased interest and demand for such devices have led them in rethinking that stance.

With analysts indicating a decline in PC sales, it appears that PC and OS manufacturers are in for a challenge in once again taking back the computer-based interests lost to mobile devices like tablets.

The popularity of Apple’s iPad series, along with the growing popularity of its 7-inch sized iPad Mini, certainly stand as testaments to the fact that more and more electronic consumers are going mobile with their device options and purchases.

As a leader in the IT industry sector, it appears that Microsoft has a lot to do in catching up with its lead computer systems competition.

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