7 Ways To Kill Ticker On Facebook !

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Yesterday we posted about Ticker , one of the most important new features on the new Facebook design .Ticker, on the right-hand side of your account, lets you see all your friends’ activity in real-time.Allfacebook Blog posted seven ways for how to kill Ticker but by funny ways, let’s have some fun.

1. Make your browser window smaller

Then you couldn’t see anything on the right side of the screen. Facebook wouldn’t like that, because then I can’t see ads, and aren’t they bringing in somewhere between two and four billion dollars this year? Hmm.

2. Cover It Up With A Post-It Note

Ok, two post-its, because one is too thin and I can still see movement through it. But then I have trouble using all my other websites and applications. This is cutting off my nose to spite my face… book.

3. Change The Language Setting To U.K. English

That’s a myth people keep repeating on Facebook, but it doesn’t work.

4. Maximize the chat window

See that grey bar separating the chat window from the ticker? Move it all the way to the top of the screen and bye-bye, ticker. Wait, then it’s hello, chat. I don’t want to chat.

5. Switch To MySpace

Ok, I’m not that desperate. Never mind. That just leaves…

6. Quit Facebook and Social Media Forever

Nope, dang it, I just wrote two books about Facebook marketing. Guess I’ll just have to…

7. Go Protest At Facebook Headquarters


What do think about that ? Can you tell us in comments which was very useful 😀

Via AllFacebook

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