A breathalyzer attachment for iPhones

A crowd-funding campaign for an iPhone attachment accessory has recently been raking in a lot of attention, given the positive implications its utilization could have for users.

Initiated by Breathometer Inc, the attachment accessory, dubbed the Breathometer, is essentially a breathalyzer attachment that is designed to work with iPhone units.
As a device, the Breathometer is described to be quite compact and portable, with a size factor that makes it no bigger than the standard car key’s size. Developed to work with a mobile app, the hardware-software combination converts a mobile handset into a breathalyzer, one which could analyze a user’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels when one breaths to the attachment device.

Featured in Indiegogo, the device is essentially primed in helping users drink smart and be safe, doing away with arguments about how one is still sober enough to drive, when in fact is not.

Apart from being designed to analyze BAC levels, the combined use of the attachment accessory and mobile app also allows for analysis tracking, which essentially means that users could keep records of their alcohol levels, in making sure that their BAC levels are going down at desirable rates.

With smartphones steadily becoming a mainstay electronic consumer device, the potential upsides featured in the Breathometer is not difficult to see as a deterrent to driving while drunk issues and concerns.

Slated to be available by January 2014, the Breathometer is certainly an interesting superstar-in-the-making iPhone accessory which different users from different walks of life would appreciate and love to have.

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