A fake treated as fact

As September and October draws near, the world’s eager anticipation over the next iPhone incarnation is reaching to its pinnacle, with most questions not exactly wondering what the new iPhone would be like, but more into asking if the said rumors which had been revolving around the revolutionary mobile is true.

From the past month’s rumors touching up on the said bigger, 4-inch sized screen of the “iPhone 5”, to the rumored new port architecture, it seems like everyone already has an idea over what to expect from the said mobile, months before it will even be officially announced for release.

However, not all rumors revolving around the next iPhone is true, with one rumor going viral, being pegged as fact rather than as a fallacy: the one about the iPhone’s next type of screw.

With Apple’s incessant approach in limiting the number of technicians who are in the position to open up iOS gadgets, a rumor regarding a new type of screw had been circulating in the net for awhile now, convincing many that the said new screw is going to be found in the next iPhone.

The said screw is designed by a Swedish design company, who had taken the time to develop a computer generated model of the screw-type. Needless to say, the screw is very complex in its form, and though it does not have anything to do with the new iPhone, some gossip makers took it upon themselves to “glorify” the said screw as the one Apple intends to put in the new iPhone and other future iDevices.

Though Apple has slated that they won’t be utilizing the said screw, the rumor is still quite active, and as the official launch date of the next iPhone nears, it appears that more rumors of this type is bound to come up.

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