A July 31 Reminder for iWork.com Beta Users

In a mass email campaign initiated by Apple, iWork.com Beta users are reminded to backup all their stored files before July 31, 2012, as system updates and changes will take down all online saved information.

The announcement falls in place with Apple’s plans of consolidating its “cloud based” storage services in one venue in iCloud, which is also currently in its Beta version/development.

With July 31, 2012 slated as the due date when iWork.com Beta online stored files would be taken down, users with saved iWork files are advised to download all their online files into their computers.

Saving Stored Files into your Computer

iWork.com Beta users can easily save their stored data by signing into the iWork.com accounts (www.iwork.com) via web browser portals.

After signing in with the right Apple ID user account, go to the “Shared Documents” page of the portal’s interface, where you will find saved/stored documents as well as selection arrows indicating which of the documents and files you want to download to your computer.

Once you’ve picked out which files/folders you want to save, a drop-down menu will appear, giving you the option to pick which type of file format (either iWork 2009 format, Microsoft Office formats or PDF formats) you wish to download the files as.

From there, you can point out where the downloaded files will be saved in your computer, and once the suite is done downloading, your files are already saved in your computer.

It is advised to backup all iWork.com Beta files before July 31, 2012 to avoid instances when information and saved data are lost.

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