A PlayStation App to complement the upcoming PlayStation 4 reported to be on the works

There’s no denying how big the PlayStation 4 announcement is, considering how phenomenal the PlayStation series has been in defining gaming standards and trends, not just in the game console arena, but in the gaming industry in general.

So while gamers are set in waiting for the official release of the actual console by the end of 2013, an announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (featured in Apple Insider) notes that a “PlayStation App” for iOS and Android mobile operating systems is also expected to roll out, designed to seamlessly integrate with the next generation console.

Sony's 'PlayStation App' for PS4 to extend second screen capabilities to iOS devices

Reported to be developed by SCE, the “PlayStation App” is described to be an extension app for the new PlayStation 4, essentially allowing mobile handheld devices like the iPhone and iPad as a “secondary screen” for the device.

Though detailed information about the app has yet to be announced, questions related to just how immersed the app and the PlayStation 4 would be have been raised, considering that Sony is also pushing for PlayStation 4 integration with another Sony-branded product, the PS Vita.

With Gaikai integration highlighted to be part of the new PlayStation 4’s featured highlights, it is interesting to note that the new console essentially works on the bare bone concept behind the digital distribution of apps, a setup which is evidently inspired from how online app venues like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store operate on.

With its reported PlayStation App for iOS and Android, one can’t help but wonder just who is influencing the world of gaming these days, the gaming industry or is it the mobile industry?

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