A resolution to the next iPhone’s “port concerns”

Of late, talk of Apple implementing a new port standard over its old now-dubbed as classic 30-pin port/dock has been circulating, leaving many mobile consumers weighing down the full end-user convenience points to be featured by the new device.

Given that most iPhone users still link and/or synchronize their mobiles via an iPhone’s dock/port, USB cable and computer, the news has left questions pertaining to the potential purchase of newer mobile-connectivity accessories, along with the ready availability of the said add-ons.

Simply put, the new port standard stands to be a “threat” which proves to render on-hand iPhone accessories as irrelevant, obsolete items.

But as this bit of “iPhone gossip” has been circulating, another bit of gossip has also been circulating in congruence, noting that Apple will be developing an adapter which would make the connection between older accessories with the new iPhone possible.

However, the question as to if this adapter would be included with the purchase of the new iPhone, remains to be unanswered, but a “sold separately” status is more or less what’s in and out based on talk from the wires.

“We haven’t heard if one will be included in the box along with the iPhone 5, or will only be sold separately, but either way, come October, you’ll be able to get a new-to-old Dock adapter from Apple,” quoting an excerpt from an “Apple-insider” blog post noting the said adapter’s status.

It is no secret that the accessories market is one which gadget brands get to increase revenues, developing brand and model-specific accessories which are liable to “blackmail” electronic consumers into buying them.

But given the dangers of obsolesce, especially in today’s fast turnover of hardware standards and certifications, brands cannot be blamed if they would opt for better, newer standards designed to streamline connectivity features and highlights.

At least, with Apple’s new mobile, users are assured of old and new connectivity standard inter-operability with the said release of an iPhone port adapter.

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