A Rundown of The Best iPad Sport Apps

Sports – be it as a spectator or an athlete – can give you an adrenaline rush like no other; however, keeping yourself updated of all the developments in sports can be quite a challenge. Well, on second thought. Technology comes to the rescue: You may enjoy the game and all the detail you need via an iPad nestled on your fave iPad keyboard case.

Like most, if not all, aspects of the human experience these days, you could put everything right in the palm of your hand. Given the right apps of course. Here are the best of the best to spice up your sports life like no other.
iPad Sport Apps

This one gets you to a whole lot of sports. Basketball, baseball, NFL etc. Just tap that top left corner of the app to choose a sport and see results and all the aspects cascade right before your eyes. These includes a plethora of much-awaited data: from current standings to team schedules to team statistics.

ESPN ScoreCenter XL

If your life revolves around sport, this app is for you. Not only do you get current scores or running scores, you become privy to in-depth news and interviews. Prepare to be astounded with the latest video clip that matters (2-3 minutes) in sports. Arranged into 3 main portions – Today, myTeams and mySports – you will definitely have your hunger for your sports satisfied like never before.

NBA Game Time Courtside

If you eat basketball for breakfast, this app will not fail to astound you. You get to see real action of your NBA starts at the games section. Not only that, you get play-by-play coverage like no other. Added to this, be the first to know the latest on your fave team and official conference standings. A definite must-have for NBA fanatics, which is most of the people I know.

NBC Sports Talk

This may not give you much of the game details but this one will get you the why’s and why nots of your fave sports. If your cup of tea is in-depth analysis of games and having people dissect the latest crowd drawer in town, this app will not fail you. Arranged like the RSS app you can get into the latest sport with just a tap of your finger.

NHL Game Center 2010 Premium

This app comes at a price ($19.99) but for all the things it brings, this app comes cheap. Not only do you get real-time updates and listen to a live game radio, you can review a shot like a coach, getting into the smallest of details in the process.

Sports Illustrated

Some people may raise an eyebrow over this app thinking questioning the rationale of its existence when the magazine is distributed all over the place. And to add injury to insult, the issues you get here will cost you more than its paper counterpart. But on the other hand, paper magazines cannot bring you interactive features and does not include slideshows or video clips that get you to where the action really is – in stunning detail.

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