AC/DC finally on iTunes

As it is no secret that Apple’s iTunes has become a veritable avenue where music purchases and album discoveries can take place, it is also no secret that there are a number of artists who have taken a “hold out” stance in featuring their music in iTunes.

AC/DC stands to be one such group, but as reports from Today Online reveal, the band had finally looked into iTunes in showcasing their albums and songs.

AC/DC finally on iTunes
Packaging purchase options in either album compilation or single song purchase options via iTunes, hard rock fans can now easily download their favorite AC/DC tunes, with a featured purchase set for all of the band’s 16 studio albums.

In 2010, AC/DC’s Black Ice album was exclusively distributed via Wallmart channels, with Angus Young, AC/DC guitarist, going as far as saying that it was “the best alternative to iTunes.”

Though there hasn’t really been any outcry over the band’s decision to catalogue their songs and albums in iTunes, the move has led many towards welcoming AC/DC into the new medium of audio distribution and delivery.

As AC/DC stands to be the latest legendary hard rock band to be available on iTunes, other legends had also taken their time in opting for the “iTunes way”.

The Beatles would be one good example, who had managed steer clear from iTunes’ catalogues until 2010. Led Zeppelin would be another example, only appearing on iTunes’ catalogs by 2007.

As iTunes continues to provide purchase and music discovery services to users, today’s younger generation can now finally discover the hard rock music of AC/DC, through Apple’s famed music purchasing and management suite.

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