Adobe debuts Photoshop Touch for Phone

In response to the fact that more and more creatives are going mobile with their gadget and device options, Adobe, makers of the world famous Photoshop suite of graphics and photo editing software, recently rolled out Photoshop Touch for Phone, the newest version of the for-mobile variant of Photoshop.

Photoshop Touch for PhoneFeaturing support for layer-based editing and nifty image quality adjustment features, the new Photoshop Touch for Phone is developed to work hand-in-hand with iPhones and Pod Touch units, aimed towards being the image manipulation software app of choice for professionals and casual users alike.

Bearing the classic toolsets featured in the original Photoshop suite, the new Photoshop Touch for Phone isn’t just about image manipulation, but is also designed for the creation of digital artworks, with painting tool effects, brush options and more.

Working with the now-standard camera hardware found in almost all smartphones and tablets, the app also comes with a “Camera Fill” feature, one that allows users the option to take full advantage of their handsets’ cameras in the creation of unique images.

Featuring support for up to 12 Megapixel image editing, the new Photoshop Touch for Phone essentially brings the stellar image manipulation and graphics authoring capacities of the desktop-system based Photoshop into mobile ecosystems, making it a great complementary app for desktop, as well as a stand alone image editing app, all in one.

Boasting functional image editing and authoring features that work for hobbyists and pros, Photoshop Touch for Phone certainly affords iPhone and iPod Touch users with a nifty app that matches well with their creativity.

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