Advisory – Evernote services hacked, password change advised for Evernote users

In response to what has been viewed as suspicious activities within the Evernote network, the company recently issued an advisory, telling Evernote users that changing or resetting their respective passwords at this point and time is highly advised.
As detailed on a statement featured on Evernote’s site, a coordinated set of attempts in accessing the security protocols and services of Evernote had recently been discovered, with the hacking proponents managing to gain access to Evernote user details and information, including password-username combinations and other linked-information.

Though there has been no indication of user-content being accessed by the hackers, nor have there been signs of payment information being compromised, the service has taken the initiative of requiring its users to take the time in resetting or changing their associated Evernote passwords to new ones.

The hacking incident comes as timely, considering that Evernote only recently rolled out a new mobile app version of the suite.

As a service + app combination, Evernote has proven itself to be quite a hit, allowing Evernote users with a nifty online-based venue where they can easily jot down anything that is important or pertinent to them.

It doesn’t take much to wonder just what the hack incident’s proponents are after in their hacking attempts, given that the odds of Evernote users using the service in storing personal bank records and other finance-related records are quite high.

Evernote users are advised to reset their Evernote passwords as soon as possible, as well as to check if any of their stored data had been altered or changed.

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