Aftershocks of the 5S and 5C Launch

Apple finally unveiled its newest iPhone models, essentially proving a huge chunk of previously released leaks and rumors revolving around the product right.

For the first time ever, the Cupertino-based company unveiled two new iPhone models together, a move which has been banded by many as Apple finally giving electronic consumers a “feature” that’s long been lacking in its iPhone series: the freedom of choice over which iPhone model to get.

5S and 5C LaunchAny cursory observer can see why Apple had finally opted to roll out a “budget friendly” version of the iPhone, with the brand itself even admitting that the iPhone 5C is geared to suit with the needs of electronic consumers based in what is widely described as emerging regions or emerging markets.

Made available in a wide gamut of choice body colors – along with a range of Apple-designed body cases – the handset’s unveiling had been met with mixed reactions, mostly touching up on the phone’s “plastic” nature, along with its overall specifications being essentially no different from the iPhone 5 (save perhaps the iPhone 5C designed with a better battery).

Even the more premium model, the iPhone 5S, has been described by various online media outfits as a product that is riddled with marketing fluff, its “64 bit” nature and its take on advanced security (in its fingerprint reader) being most talked about.

The fingerprint reader has even been the subject of different “investigations”, following after a report of its security flaws already being discovered and brought up, even before the product actually rolled out.

Think you’ll be getting an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C? Or do you think that the rumors of a better, 3rd iPhone model to be unveiled in the last quarters of the year holds some truth?

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