Age Rating Scheme now featured in Apple’s iOS App Store

In a short feature posted by 9 to 5 Mac, the App Store recently implemented a new tweak to its overall operational scope, donning a new age rating scheme that is positioned below an app’s developer credentials and details.

The new Age Rating scheme is reported to have taken root from the voiced concerns of parents and in-app content, with the “controversy” of an “Editor’s Pick” app having caused some problems for the online store and concerns over the censorship of pornographic (or what could pass as porn) content.

Age Rating Scheme now featured in Apple’s iOS App Store
While the photo sharing app-service suite known as 500px was taken down from App Store as a solution, it appears that Apple is taking a more bullish stance towards policing the featured applications and services found in App Store.

But while the new Age Rating scheme is currently found in App Store, the question as to an app’s in-purchase announcement hasn’t yet been shown in the iOS variant for the online store, even though it has appeared in the desktop version of the suite.

Concerns regarding in-app purchases were raised in a case filed by concerned parents, who found Apple’s App Store purchasing policy as inadequate, making it easy for children to spend real money in in-app purchases.

Considering the fact that today’s mainstay electronic consumer goods are not exclusively used by adults – what with kids getting their hands on papa’s iPhone or mama’s iPad every now and then – the idea of an age rating scheme for featured apps doesn’t come as strange.

What can be considered as strange is why the implementation of age ratings comes as a new thing in Apple’s iOS App Store.

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