Al Gore:New iPhones for Next month (iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S)

Few minutes ago we posted that Apple may be release only the iPhone 4s  but The Next Web, reported that the Apple board member Al Gore today issued a claim that Apple will be releasing new iPhones this coming month. This is the first public comment on the Apple’s next generation iPhones release plans.

Noting that the word that was used was “iPhones” in plural which consecquently leads to a speculation that Apply may indeed have plans to launch both a redesigned iPhone 5 and the more modest iPhone 4S based on the current iPhone 4S.

Toby Shapshak, the editor of Stuff Magazine in South Africa, whom is attending the conference informed us that Al Gore’s direct quote was “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.”
Shapshak says that the statement was definitely plural, although it wasn’t clear whether that meant two different models, as the statement was not clarified in any way by Gore.

It’s not entirely clear just how familiar Gore would be with exact details of the next iPhone, as most boards of directors are more concerned with broader issues such as establishing corporate policy frameworks and objectives, monitoring financial performance, and representing shareholder interests. But Gore certainly could have knowledge of Apple’s general timeframe for such a major product launch.

Meanwhile, Electronista and Reuters report that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse danced around the topic of the iPhone at a Goldman Sachs investor conference today, noting that the company’s financial guidance does not take the device into account and would have to be adjusted if the carrier were to begin offering the iPhone.

Hesse also cited the iPhone as the number one reason customers have left Sprint, noting that the carrier has added subscribers over the past two quarters in spite of its disadvantage against iPhone-offering rivals AT&T and Verizon.

via Macrumors