Amazing Concept of The iPhone 5 (Photos)

A new day with new concept of the iPhone 5 made  by one of Macrumors readers. His imagination based on the below specs.

Model Specs:
- Height: 115.2mm
- Width: 61mm
- Depth: 6.83mm
- 3.89″ screen (was going to go for 4″, but it didnt feel as ergonomic)
- Ever so slightly wider and thinner than the iPhone 4. By around 2mm.
- I tried and tested many different sizes, and this one just looked right.

Tech specs (wishful thinking ;D)
- A5
- 1080p Rear Camera, 8mp
- 720p Front Camera, 5mp
- Front LED for Notification Center
- Capacative Home button (functions as regular home button in addition)