Amazon executive to lead the Siri team

With Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus, co-founders of Siri leaving Apple’s ranks, the Cupertino-based tech giant recently welcomed William Stasior of Amazon to run Apple’s famed personal assistant service.

A report from All Things D notes that the move is likely tuned to Apple’s intention of delving into the online search industry, with Stasior’s background as a “prominent search technologist”.

The report didn’t fail to note how Apple had been keen on successfully doing the move, with the recent inclusion of Apple’s Maps – as opposed to the utilization of Google’s Google Maps – cited as an example.

Amazon executive to lead the Siri team

The report also alleged that Steve Jobs himself, at one point in time, did entertain the thought of taking down Google search from previous iOS builds, given how Google had initiated plans of delving into the mobile market at the time.

But given Google’s dominance as THE online search engine of choice, Jobs is alleged to have thought against the feasibility of doing away with Google.

However, author of the report cited that Apple may “eventually remove” Google as an iOS search option, doing away with its status as the default search engine for the iPad and iPhone.

How things would truly go remains to be a matter for speculation, but with the recent addition of Stasior as head of Siri, the odds of Apple actually treading on Google’s path is a prospect which can not be ignored.

Given how mobile phones and tablets have become mainstay everyday gadgets, the prospect of Apple making a stake in the online search arena appears to be lucrative, matched with the consistent popularity of iDevices.

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