An Apple TV 3,1 Found in the iOS 5 file system

We have great news for you Apple fans out there. We now have hard core evidence that Apple is working on a next-generation Apple TV. We sure have waited a while for this. Within the iOS 5 file system was found a reference to an Apple TV 3,1.

We predict, mostly due to the name, that this model will be an upgrade of the currently selling Apple TV 2,1. If you notice that the numbers have changed from 2 to 3 and this notes that there will be some big changed between the two models. There are many estimates going around thought that these changes will only be internally and not externally, but we like the way the Apple TV looks right? It is the inside we are more interested about.

We are expecting to see the new Apple TV with more internal power (as in the iPhone 4S and the iPad2), for example it could have the dual-core A5 chip, while it having more RAM is a definite maybe. This leads us to thinking that the new Apple TV could have  1080P video playback since the only restriction to having this was the A4 processor and since the A5 is coming in, this could possibly be soon changing. The Apple TV 3,1 is found in a file that Apple stores all its devices that are now under testing so therefore it is concluded that the new Apple TV is under testing for now.

Do not get to excited get yet! If my memory serves me correctly there have been devices that have shown themselved in the iOS  file system but yet never made their way to us. For example, like the iPhone 3,2 and an iPod touch 4,2. So there is always a possibility that this will never make its way to us and will be killed in the testing process. However what did get us excited that we have already previously heard rumors about a new Apple TV so the chances of this becoming a reality are getting definitly higher.

Apple TV fans out there, keep a look out, your wait might not be long.

Via 9to5mac

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