An Asus-Google Tablet to Come this July?

Rumors tell of an ongoing Asus and Google collaboration, with both organizations intent in releasing a 7 inch tablet device to come out this July.

Unverified reports indicate that an initial shipment figure of 600,000 units of the said product is up and about, with actual shipments to happen this June, to time with the tablet’s official release date in July.

A report from DigiTimes (based in Taiwan) shares that: “Google originally planned to release its entry-level 7-inch tablet PC in May, but design and costs did not reach its expectations, and the product was delayed to July for some minor adjustments.”

Authored by Monica Chen, the report also notes that shipment demands for product is forecasted to reach 2 to 2.5 million units within 2012.

Last December, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed Google’s plans in releasing a “tablet of the highest quality” to come out within the next couple of months from the date of the report’s release.

Given the timely coincidence of that previous report and current talk about an Asus and Google collaboration, experts are locked in debate over which item Schmidt was referring to last December, given the known existence of Motorola Mobility, which is also a Google and Motorola collaboration.

With the recent release of the iPad 3, news of an entry-level Asus+Google tablet leaves many in questioning just what’s in store for the tablets and mobiles market in the days ahead.

With more names and products jumping in the mobile OS market and the tablet production markets, one can’t help but wonder how Apple’s going to take on the challenges of a market that is at risk of product saturation.

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