An Xbox TV on the works?

As Apple’s venture into home entertainment systems in the Apple TV have gained its own line of followers and detractors, news of a rumored Xbox TV on the works comes as interesting news, given the standing of Apple and Microsoft as leaders in the electronic consumer market realms.

Though Apple has faired better in providing mobile device solutions for users than Microsoft, Microsoft’s edge in its Xbox 360 game console has afforded it with a trusted status, one which could just be found and defined in the creation of an Xbox TV.

Xbox TV
Featured in a report by The Verge, the said Xbox TV is forecasted to see release by 2013, and is envisioned to feature streaming capabilities and light gameplay highlights.

With most Xbox 360 console users not just using their devices for gaming purposes, the product has done well as an all-in-one multimedia playback option, allowing users to readily maximize the use of home theater systems in viewing or listening to digital media content.

With support for Netflix, the Xbox 360 console has somewhat earned a reputation for being a trustworthy dedicated Netflix box, earning some points in deeming its status as an all-in-one entertainment hub.

Given how Apple’s Apple TV, along with Google’s TV-based offerings, haven’t really caused shifts in television set standards, the envisioned Microsoft Xbox TV is quite interesting, matched with Microsoft’s standing in the electronic consumer market.

Though only a rumor, the prospect of an Xbox TV just may be something which Apple should watch out for, amidst all the raves which have come with the Xbox 360 game console.

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