Analyst foresees “iWatch” to roll out by late 2014

The sentiments of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo regarding the rumored “iWatch” points to the eventual release of such a product by latte 2014 and not within the year.

In a report featured by AppleInsider, Kuo further shares his analysis, noting that the said “iWatch” is bound to boast a screen size somewhere between 1.5 and 2 inches, and won’t simply be a product that is developed with deep integration for the iOS mobile platform and iDevices, but will also come with biometric-related features and functions.

Apple's iWatch to come in late 2014 with focus on biometrics, analyst says
While Kuo is not the only industry expert to have shared his or her forecasts regarding product launchings and release dates, Kuo’s analysis on the upcoming release of the “iWatch” is noteworthy in the sense that he has had a solid record of actually being spot on with his previous forecasts.

Far from simply being a “fortune teller for gadgets and gizmos”, Kuo’s views are backed by a firm grasp on current market trends, along with an understanding of how the overall electronic consumer device production realms works.

As a device, the “iWatch” stands to be one of the more highly rumored about items online, with its more popular rumors pointing to it as a “remote control” for iPhones or iPads.

Its rumored functional features would include quick user access in making or answering calls, along with rumors indicating that the device doubles as an extended user interface system for iDevice owners.

While late 2014 is still, more or less, a year and then some away, more rumors touching up on the “iWatch” is bound to come up as 2013 continues to trail on.

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