Analyst underlines iWatch’s value proposition in the wearable tech space

While “smartwatches” are no longer relatively new consumer electronic products today, they still have yet to cause a dent in the arena of electronic consumer demand – saying something about how flimsy the foothold of the wearable tech area could be.

However, Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald, in a report published by Apple Insider, is noted to say that the said “revolution” of the wearable tech scene is not likely going to happen until Apple rolls out its alleged “iWatch”.

Apple's Biggest Flagship Store

Considering how pivotal Apple’s iPhone was in paving the way for smartphone standards – matched by how the Cupertino-based brand’s iPad did the same for the tablet – White’s sentiments do hold some truth in them, one that doesn’t exactly need extensive rocket science knowledge to figure out.

The release of the iPhone, along with Apple’s App Store, did challenge the de facto norms of the time, even going as far as actually setting the initial steps of Nokia’s downfall in the consumer communication devices arena.

The iPad – which was heavily criticized at the time of its release (remember the iPad = Maxi Pad jokes) – also caused a lot of interest in tablets, with all sorts of models and brands now trying to have a bite of the huge demand for them.

To some extent, White’s sentiments do make sense, considering how Samsung’s Go Gear hasn’t exactly drawn more fans and followers its way.

What do you think? Do you think Apple’s “iWatch” actually stands to be the game changer for the wearable tech industry?

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