And the iPod, too, gets some time in the limelight

With analysts convinced that the new iPhone and the said iPad Mini are bound to come out along with the official launch of the iOS 6 this September, another rumor touching up on the iPod had recently come out, to the tune of all the other iDevice rumors which came before.

One talks about the iPod touch, about how a new version is on the works, to be powered by an A5 processor, the processor found in the iPhone 4S. Form-wise, rumors note that the new iPod touch will come with Apple’s classic “brushed metal” or “brushed aluminum” finish, which would essentially make it look different from the flat matte/glossy finish of previous iPod touch versions.

Given Apple’s tendency to lower the specs of the iPod touch when compared against the iPhone, the said A5 processor makes sense, since the new iPhone is noted to have a faster, more powerful processor. Camera-wise, rumors are inclined to indicate that the new iPod touch would come with an iPad-class camera.

The iPod nano is also rumored to have a new version, which is pegged to sport an overall design factor that is similar with the new iPod touch. Naturally, the new nano is said to be smaller in size, and will not be as fully-featured as the new iPod touch.

Given Apple’s position in the mobile and lifestyle gadgets arena, anticipation over the new 2012 iDevice releases have been up, with many intrigued over how Apple’s new generation mobiles would fair against those released by other brands, namely Samsung and Microsoft.

Also, as rumors about mobile iDevices seem to be building up, a number of Mac users, particularly Mac Pro users, are hoping (not expecting) for Apple to come out with a Mac Pro series update.

As September comes near, the rumors surrounding the next generation of iDevices are now put to the test.

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