Another next-gen iPhone rumor

By now, everyone’s probably heard of how the next iPhone’s going to sport a bigger, 4 inch sized screen, along with the new implementation of Apple’s next generation iDevice port, iOS 6 and updated versions of current generation applications and features.

But as September 12 – the slated release date of the next generation iPhone – draws near, its nearing release date hasn’t put a halt to the still prevalent iPhone rumors, with one recently gaining a lot of attention.

Another next-gen iPhone rumor
Touching up on the said in-ear headphones that is to be bundled with the new iPhone, a video reported to come from Asia notes how Apple had implemented a redesign over its previous iPhone headset units, with the new unit proving to be more enhanced in the delivery of quality audio experiences.

With the said video featuring a headset that is reported to have been developed by the Vietnam-based Foxonn, the look and form of the headset is slated to be at par with the construction and build standards Apple is known to impose on its products.

With “Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Vietnam” as the title on the device’s cable label, Tinhte, one of the sources from where this report hails, is convinced that the new in-ear headphones is bound to come with the sixth generation iPhone mobile.

With September 12 coming near, even though this is still a rumored release date for the new iPhone, it appears that rumors surrounding around the device hasn’t been slow on the uptake.

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