App Store for iOS devices gets an update

Apple recently released an updated version of its App Store app for iDevices, featuring a new updated in-store notifications system and enhanced support for gift card purchases.

For iPhone handsets, the update brings App Store to version 2.9.2, while for iPad the new update is version 1.1.

Highlighting bug fixes and performance enhancements, the updated App Store essentially allows for the quick and hassle free purchasing of Apple Store Gift Cards, which is available in denominations from $25 to $2,000 – defining it as an essential update for iPad users, considering that previous App Store for iPhone versions already came with this feature.


The update also puts the spotlight on improved integration with a given iDevice’s built in notifications system, enhancing notifications control with the mobile OS’ default notifications system with that of the application itself – further streamlining the overall operations and control of an iDevice.

This feature of the update is essentially viewed as a complement for the recently released iBeacons functionality found in the latest iOS version, iOS 7.1, which basically allows an iDevice to search for beacon signals even if an app is closed or if an iPhone is restarted.

Downloadable for free via App Store, the application weighs some 6.8 MB for the iPhone, while its for-iPad counterpart is rated at 23.6 Megs.

iPad users who’ve long wanted to directly purchase App Store Gift Cards can certainly take advantage of the new App Store’s support for the service, just as current iPhone users can experience better in-app performance rates and notifications by simply installing it.

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