App Store’s Editor’s Choice and App of the Week Promotions

Reports of a new “update” in Apple’s App Store tell of the addition of an “Editor’s Choice” and “App of the Week” category, geared in facilitating the easy discovery of choice apps for use and App Store users.

Apps such as the recently released “Facebook Camera” app and the “Cobook Smart Address Book” app have been known to be among the “Editor’s Choice” category’s featured apps, which operates on a “curated/assessment” system in determining feature/highlight software bits.

The addition of an “App of the Week” is also reported to be part of the App Store’s “updates”, with talk of a free-for-download publicized app known as “Cut the Rope: Experiments”.

Though there has been no official indication that the App Store will churn out a “free app of the week” on a regular basis, promotions and discounts for apps are in store, falling in conjunction with various occasions and events, like Memorial Day.

The App Store hosts more than half a million iOS-specific apps, designed to work with different Apple mobiles like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The move in setting up an “Editor’s Choice” and “App of the Week” category in App Store can be attributed as Apple’s act in helping both users and developers, in discovering and gaining attention as users and app service providers.

It is indicated that the two new App Store categories will be closely monitored for dubious online activities, with app rankings and ratings being the most closely watched.

Either way, with the App Store’s new “update”, users will find the practice of finding apps easier, faster and more convenient.

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