Apple, $20 million and the Swiss Railway Clock Design

We last touched up on reports of how Apple’s new clock design closely resembled an iconic clock design sported in Swill Railway Clocks.

Designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944, the issue has somewhat been raised by different media outfits, given how Apple has been particular about design swipes and patent infringement concerns, and how the newsbit simply says something about the “pot calling the kettle black”.

Swiss Railway Clock Design
Recently, a report from Financial Review alleges that Apple is ready to pay $20.2 to Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), as a means of compensation for the said use of the design sans the consent or permission of the SBB.

Noted to be featured as the base clock interface of the new iOS 6, the iconic design’s appearance in the new mobile operating system version had sparked different reactions, considering Apple’s current “tiff” with Samsung, along with its reputation for clean cut award winning designs.

A spokesperson for the SBB, Patricia Claivaz, is quoted to have said that “We’re rather proud that a brand as important as Apple is using our design” last September, with the SBB more intent in clarifying the matter over the issue on where Apple could gain more from the use of the design.

As the report indicates, the said monetary amount payment is still somewhat a rumor, as a way of Apple making up for the lapse of not issuing correspondence involving the use of the design.

Talk is rife of Apple still making arrangements with SBB over the matter, in a private meeting between two parties.

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