Apple acquires “indoor GPS” firm WifiSLAM

In what has been described by netizens as part of its strategy in beefing up its Maps service-software suite, word of Apple acquiring the “indoor GPS” company known as WifiSLAM has recently come up.

Apple acquires “indoor GPS” firm WifiSLAMIn a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the IT giant is noted to have purchased WifiSLAM for $20 million, making its acquisition a no-nonsense deal that can’t be easily brushed off.

A spokesman for Apple is noted to have talked to Wall Street Journal, touching up on Apple’s plans and intentions of maximizing the use of WifiSLAM’s featured technologies.

As a company, WifiSLAM has long focused on the development of enhanced GPS-based positioning in indoor environments. Given its positioning and GPS-rooted featured solutions, a casual observer cannot be blamed for attributing its acquisition as a part of Apple’s intent on redeeming itself with its badly criticized Apple Maps.

At a glance, the implementation of WifiSLAM’s technology can be utilized as Apple’s answer to Google’s Indoor Maps feature, which operates on the base principles of crowd-sourcing, in defining indoor locations and layout maps.

WifiSLAM, at two years old, has done quite well in its run as a startup, offering innovative solutions to customers, clients and business partners, utilizing the maximum thresholds its technology’s featured utility functions have to offer to electronic consumers.

As we’ve talked about Apple’s ongoing strategies in enhancing its Maps software-service suite, the Wall Street Journal report touching up on Apple’s acquisition of WifiSLAM puts the spotlight on how serious Apple is in winning back those who’ve lost the company’s trust in its iOS Maps.

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