Apple alleged to have halted its ties with Samsung as battery supplier for the iPad and MacBook mobiles

As it is no secret that Samsung is one of Apple’s subcontractors for Apple-branded model components and parts, the ongoing “patent wars” between the two brands is also one that everyone is quite familiar with, leaving many to question how steady the business relationship between the two are fairing.

With Samsung noted to have kept a professional approach in their dealings with Apple, a report from China Business News reveals that Apple had finally replaced its battery supplier source, from SDI (a subsidiary of Samsung) to Tianjin Lishen Battery and Amperex Technology Limited.

The report notes that the “severing of ties” was not instigated by Apple, claiming that it was Samsung which had opted to halt its manufacturing services in providing Apple with batteries for their products, leaving Apple to make the decision of going somewhere else for component manufacturing.

But as the facts stand, it is still unclear as to which smartphone giant took the initiative in halting the ongoing relationship between the two.

Apart from producing batteries, Samsung has also been responsible for providing chips and touch screen displays for Apple products, establishing a supplier-manufacturer relationship setup between the two “feuding” parties.

It has to be said that since the ongoing relationship between the two, Samsung has managed to capture a huge cut in the overall mobile phone industry’s market share, even beating a record once held by Nokia as the leading mobile phone maker this year.

As the ongoing “patent wars” between the two stands to cause a strain with their ongoing relations, netizens have likened the act of halting battery production for Apple as Samsung’s way of giving Apple power.

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