Apple and Facebook Conflicts

Apple and Facebook are two companies that are considered to be tech giants, however have known to be in constant conflict, going from one to another. It started when Apple decided to introduce the Ping social network in iTunes, Facebook refused to form and integration between the two networks.

Ping is just one example, there have been many many talks since then on different occasions about different projects that have led both companies to want to part ways, but we have not seen this happen yet.

Over the weekend, Mashable posted information about the histroy of conflicts between Apple and Facebook. There were stories in the post that included the Facebook integration in iOS 4 that we never saw, Steve Jobs paying Mark Zuckerberg a visit to discuss an iPad app, and how Apple and Facebook were very close to ending their relationship because of HP.

We have hear rumors recently that Facebook is intending to integrate with Twitter in iOS 5, but by the looks of things  Apple has been working on getting Facebook to integrate for a long time. Quoted:

“A source familiar with the chain of the events attributes the Ping debacle to a disagreement over iOS 4. Apple had fully integrated Facebook into the iPhone and iPad’s operating system, and was ready to launch the mobile-social fusion when API negotiations broke down. Apple, lacking confidence in Facebook’s ability to build a great application, asked to build its own Facebook for iPhone app.Facebook responded with a firm no. Negotiations came to halt.”

The Facebook iPhone app is still the most demanded app in the App Store. According the recent reports we have heard that Facebook has been ready to launch an app for iPad for months. But why hasn’t it yet? There was no mention of the iPad app in the Facebook annual F8 conference a few weeks ago. Why do they keep delaying its launch?

Your answer is: HP. We have heard that HP is the reason that Facebook has not released its iPad app  yet. This app is a really big deal for all, that it lead to Steve Jobs visiting Zuckerberg, quoted:

“Roughly three months ago, Steve Jobs — then the Apple CEO — paid a visit to Facebook to discuss a Facebook for iPad app with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg promised Jobs that the social network would release its first ever tablet application for iPad. Jobs, however, learned during his visit that HP was about to release a native webOS Facebook application for the TouchPad.”

We find that Facebook has been working on both sides, by promising and iPad app for Apple while also working for HP’s  TouchPad tablet. And if you didn’t already know the TouchPad is one of the iPad’s rivals.

Depending on what we heard on Mashable, Jobs was so angry at Facebook for trying to work with both Apple and HP at the same time behind each others back. That it lead to Zuckerberg calling Rubinstein at HP and trying to pull the plug on the Facebook app for the TouchPad. However, Rubinstein did not agree to this and refused to end the HP – Facebook agreement, so this lead to Facebook limiting HP to only it APIs. HP thought that the Facebook app will be a main selling point for its TouchPad especially that iPad would not have this app ready yet, but that was not the case.

Mashable thinks that Apple and Facebook have cleared their differences for now:

“Not only are the pair finally aligned on the Facebook for iPad application, but they’ve been working together closely on Facebook’s HTML 5 mobile app platform.

This is the closest Apple and Facebook have been to creating something meaningful together, one source says. They’re partnering because they share a common enemy: Google.”

We are expecting some new Facebook iPhone of iPad app to be introduced this Tuesday, it will be interesting to see if they actually do launch it this time.

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