Apple and Google’s bid for Kodak’s patents

As rivals in the mobile gadget industry, one would think that Apple and Google won’t be forging a union or collaborative effort anytime soon.

However, reports of the two global smartphone giants combining their efforts in acquiring certain patents by Kodak have been talked about, saying something about the upsides of collaborative efforts which can be borne from a mutually beneficial deal.

Kodak World Headquarters is pictured in Rochester, New York
As Kodak’s “Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing” is no longer a big secret in the tech industry, the company is slated in setting up its patent portfolio for grabs in a patent auction made openly available to those who are in the capacity to participate in such an auction and make use of Kodak’s patented techs.

With such a setup, one can surmise that Kodak is geared for raising its patented properties at premium rates, well in the position to raise their terms should more than one company express any interest in acquiring them.

Both Apple and Google have been reported to combine their “bids” for the said patents, resulting to a reported $500 million bid. Though the said story hasn’t yet been backed by official statements from either Apple or Google, Bloomberg’s report of the Apple-Google union is quite convinced that the two are collaborating in reaching to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Given how risky patent purchases can be, not to mention costly, the reported Apple-Google union bears significant weight in terms of relevance and feasibility. It does, however, raise certain questions over just what it could mean for Apple and Google-product/service followers, considering how tight the rivalry of the iOS and Android is to date.

What say you? Think the move will simply be the only one of its kind? Or do you think there’ll be more to come in the near future?

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