Apple and NYPD work hand-in-hand in tracking stolen iPads and iPhones

Just as it is no secret that Apple’s range of iDevices are premium rated consumer electronics products, the value of iDevices in the stolen goods “industry” doesn’t come as surprising, with more and more thieves raking in bountiful loot from them.

As such, it isn’t strange to hear of the New York Police Department working with Apple in tracking stolen iDevices.

nypd and appleIn a report featured on The New York Post, the frequency of stolen iDevices has led to the creation of a special group, one that is dedicated in finding stolen Apple mobile products.

Working with Apple in identifying a given device’s tracking number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) or online archives and records, the team essentially works with Apple and various affiliated agencies in effectively finding where a stolen iPad or iPhone is.

In one case, a stolen iPad was traced to the Dominican Republic. It was eventually recovered by an NYPD intelligence officer, proving how effective the team and Apple is in its combined efforts in tracking down stolen Apple goods.

While there are a number of safeguards that ensure Apple device users that their gadgets can be tracked or traced in cases of theft, the importance of being wary of scenarios or situations where they can be easily stolen should be given focus.

Though there really is no way to tell when one’s iPad or iPhone would be stolen, let alone who would actually steal such items, iDevice owners should always remember to be aware of their surroundings when brining their iPads or iPhones with them wherever they go.

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