Apple attacks Galaxy S III?

Samsung recently celebrated the official launch of its latest Galaxy S III mobile, which sports a bigger screen and more enhanced hardware features and functionalities over its previous Samsung Galaxy incarnations.

However, an “attack” initiated by Apple may prove to be a deterrent for the Galaxy S III’s release and distribution in the US, with Apple reported to have sent a court notice indicating that the Galaxy S III violates Apple’s patent on Siri.

The act basically asks for permission to add the Galaxy S III as another entry into Apple’s ongoing motion for preliminary injunction against the Samsung-and-Google developed Galaxy Nexus.

Some time within the last two weeks, Apple had filed ITC-inclined complaints against a number of HTC devices.

Primarily, the “offensive” attack is aimed at Samsung’s S-Voice system, and reports note that Apple managed to get ahold of Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK when it was launched last May.

The motion indicates that: “according to press reports, Samsung has already sold over nine million preorders of the Galaxy S III; indeed, the Galaxy S III has been reported to be the most extensively preordered piece of consumer electronics in history.”

Industry experts and analysts note that the S-Voice system is somewhat lower-scaled than its feature-equivalent in the iPhone 4S, with many uncertain that the patents credited to Apple are enough to halt the sale/release/distribution of the S III.

Samsung remains optimistic about the matter, assuring consumers in the US that the release of the S III will go as planned dates and figures have been mapped out.

Given the recent “falling out signs” between Apple and Samsung, a casual observer is liable to believe that Apple and Samsung are well into an ongoing war between each other.

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