Apple Celebrates its 30th Birthday

Apple celebrated its 30th birthday last Friday, hosting a special event held in its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple employees and guests were treated to a live performance by One Republic during the course of the celebrations, truly making it a special occasion for everyone present.


In attendance during the event were Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took the time to say that “We don’t spend a lot of time looking back. We spend all of our time looking forward and working on the next big thing.”

“But we’re making an exception today, because 30 years ago today, Macintosh was born.”

Also in attendance during the event were Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service Eddy Cue and Vice President of Applications Roger Rosner.

Given how much of a byword “Apple” the “iPhone” and all things that start with “i” have become over the years, the news of Apple’s 30th birthday was met with mixed sentiments, some being one in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Macintosh’s birth, as others were actually shocked by the realization that Apple is only 30 years old.

Thinking that the company was much older, the news of Apple’s 30th birthday was followed by other “eye openers”, with different online forums and message boards indicating that the iPhone only made its debut within the last five years.

Now before you start thinking about how “dumb those fools are”, how old did you think Apple was prior to reading about its 30th birthday celebration just now?

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