Apple employing 1,000 Engineers to work on a chip for the Post-PC Era

We have just seen reports from TechCrunch that they recieved quotes from a Silicon Valley CEO directly and we quote:

“Steve Jobs told me he has 1,000 engineers working on chips,” he said. “Getting low power and smaller is the key to everything.”

When we first heard the number it was quiet shocking, we heard rumors that Apple is planning to build its own chip way back in 2009, but we did not realize that the project was such on a large scale. Apple decided to make their own chips as the current chips are still in the PC era, they wanted more they wanted a ship for the post PC era. They imagined this chip to be very powerful but with very low power.

You would all most likely agree that one very important feature in a mobile phone is the battery life. And we have seen the A5 processor chip introduced in the iPad2 and now in the iPhone 5, this chip is said to be twice as powerful as the A4 chip which was used before, but also improves the battery life of a device. As we have poster before about the iPhone 4, it is said that its battery like is 8 hours of talk time compared with 7 for the previous iPhone.

We have also heard that all Apple’s devices are moving in the direction of having flash memory, not only the iPhone and iPad but also the MacBook Air. They are heading for to enable customers to put their computers into anything, the phones their tablets.. Anything!

Jobs himself knew about this project before he resigned and he was quoted to have said:

“I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.”

We now get to see where this innovation is leading the company these days. But one can’t deny that however impressive Apple’s devices get or how innovative, Jobs’ greatest invention is the company, Apple, itself. They are now at the beginning at the post PC era.

We are just super excited on what to expect from Apple! The future is defiantly Apple.


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