Apple hides its UK Apology to Samsung with “code”?

In line with a UK Court’s recent decision over the Apple VS Samsung patent infringement case, Apple is required to display an apology statement over the matter online for the month, indicating that Samsung did not infringe on any patents.

However, reports from CNET note that though Apple did post an apology statement in its UK site, the said apology is reported to have been “hidden” in a Javascript resize code, thereby making the whole exercise somewhat pointless in its implementation.

apple uk website
The report notes that the said “hidden” apology was first noticed by Reddit contributors, with the said apology being overshadowed by the image of an iPad Mini. With the said iPad Mini image taking up most of the webpage’s screen, viewers of the site will have to scroll down in order to be able to actually view the said apology statement.

Prior to this “hidden” code matter, Samsung had previously complained about Apple’s first take on their “apology”, deeming it “untrue” and “incorrect”. Apple has since admitted that its initial apology did not comply with the UK Court’s ruling, and published a new apology statement as a resolution.

It is still unclear if this new resize issue had been deliberately done by Apple as a means of reneging out of its required task of displaying a public apology online, but public opinion over the matter has been quick in deeming it so.

Given how sensitive the whole Apple VS Samsung patent war in the US had been, the matter is one which both Apple and Samsung flowers are closely watching over.

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