Apple iPhone 4S Siri [Amazing Video]

If you are no completly in love with the iPhone 4S yet, this is one reason that is definatly worth you buying an iPhone 4S for. Check the video above, it is a Siri demo video that Apple played at the event earlier today. Are you not convinced that it’s real? Well believe it or not there was a live demonstration at the event today where Siri was asked questions nad told to do things and it replied a way that they all expected.

Watch the amazing video below :

I remember only a few weeks back I was looking for a software the understands the human voice whatever their accent is and was told by a developer how complicated something like that would be to develop and create, it left me thinking it was impossible to build something so complex. But who would surprise us if it wasn’t to be  Apple.

We think this is the beginning of a whole new era in mobile phone technology. If you still do not think that the Siri app is as great as we think it is we are interested to hear your views.


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