Apple Refusing all Employee Vacations Till The Release of The iPhone 5 & iOS 5 !

Reports made by AppleInsider that Apple is refusing to give vacations to its employees during the 2nd week of October. They are doing so on the basis that they are expecting an influx of customers to its stores around this time. This increase demand is expected to be related to the new iOS 5 and iPhone 5 products.

Apple is suggesting that it has plans to launch the new products from October 9th through to the 12th and from October 14th through to the 15th.

The first set of dates are the expected dates for the launch of the iOS 5 and Apple has informed AppleCare to expect an influx of support calls starting on Odctober 10th. Twitter has also made an announcement that their developer session in London is on the same date which is said to have !heavy focus on the iOS 5  Twitter integration”.

As for the second set of dates, they are the suggested dates for the launch of the next generation iPhones. This suggested time also matches other rumors that have been around for some time now.

Apple is also expected of have an event that will be held on the 4th of October.

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