Apple is third, Nokia is second, Samsung is first

It’s no secret that mobile brands are at constant war with each other, with each brand vying for top positions in any chart ranking, often initiated by various organizations, business investment firms and industry watchguards.

With electronic consumers being the kingmakers of the day, brands are constantly innovating product highlights, in an effort to lead consumers into backing their showcase items.

How top contenders are deemed, remains to be a variable title.

Recently, news of a record in most mobiles sold came about, with Samsung now being the top placer, beating Nokia’s long-standing term as the leader in the sale of mobile phones.

Apple, based on reports from Apple Insider, accounts for 8% of all mobiles globally sold.

Taking stats from the Gartner research firm, collated information for the 1st quarter of 2012 indicates a rise in Apple’s standing in the global sales of mobiles, with 33.1 million iPhones sold. The numbers are not simply pre-order figures or shipment figures, but actual mobile sales figures.

Last year, the same report indicates that Apple represented 3.9% of mobile phone sales, selling 16.8 million iPhones in 2011’s 1st quarter.

2012’s 1st quarter has been awesome for Samsung, which managed to sell 86.6 million units, taking a 20.7% share in the mobiles market. The figure dethroned Nokia from the number one position, a position which Nokia has held since 1998.

Nokia managed to sell 83.2 million units, rating a 19.8% share off the pie, with a close-to-3 million difference in matching up against Samsung’s figures.

As 2012 treads on, the mobiles and gadgetry arenas are faced with various challenges, from economic downtrends, concerns over mobile service offerings, unit price terms, and the entry of new-comers into the industry (like the rumored Facebook Buffy mobile).

Though Apple’s 8% is quite far from Samsung’s 20.7% and Nokia’s 19.8%, it says something about its rise, even with ongoing rumors of its preorder figures going down in lieu with the release of the new upcoming iPhone version.

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