Apple Launching their In-Store Pick Up Service for Online Purchases Today in San Francisco

We have all heard about the delays customers are facing in getting their new iPhone 4S in the United States. Now Apple are setting plans to  roll out a new initiative to enable customers to order most products through the Apple online store then pick up their purchases at their local Apple Store.

This new program was described by MacRumors two days ago and now we are receiving reports that it is going to go live today in the area of San Francisco. The pilot program, which is name Sherwood, is expected to reach the Bay Area within a few days, and then eventually will be applied to everywhere in the United States.

So how will it work? Well, it is quite simple like many other companies that have store delivery. Customers will make their purchases online and require their product to be sent to their nearest store, or their preferred store. If this product is in stock at the store then the customer will be able to go and pick it up immediately. If not then they would wait for a few days for it to be delivered at the store.

In-store pickup of items purchased online will reportedly require proof of purchase and an ID. However you will have the option to designate one other person to be able to pick up the product in your place. There is a new advantage that stores will be now accepting returns on items that have been purchased online, and therefore the customers do not necessarily have to deal with return shipping issues.

This new Sherwood pilot program is an excellent way to make customers life a lot easier and hopefully there will be no messes happening along side it.

Via Macrumors

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