Apple “lets go” of Maps chief

Talk has been rife that Apple had recently “let go” of Richard Williamson, the chief behind Apple’s Maps software/service, the very iOS 6 feature which is now regarded as one of Apple’s more well known failures.

Released as a proxy to the Google-developed Google Maps, the iOS 6 rolled out with its own mapping service in Apple Maps last September, a service which was not met with open arms by electronic consumers, even leading Apple’s CEO to a public apology for the service.

Bloomberg is revealed to have first reported about the incident, noting that it was Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue who had set Williamson packing. Cue now leads further developments for Siri and iOS Maps, a challenging position considering the series of executive shakeups taking place in Apple’s ranks in the previous months.

The report notes that Cue intends to consult with established mapping service/technology experts, in an effort to strengthen the lost confidence in Apple’s capacity to deliver a relevant product in Maps. Industry leaders like TomTom had been mentioned in the report, one which comes as understandable, given TomTom’s established reputation for mapping services and solutions.

The news comes as interesting in terms of timing, given that one of Apple’s officers, iOS Software Chief Scott Forstall, had also been recently let go. Allegedly, Forstall was fired on the grounds of his refusal to affix his signature on an apology for the problems found in Maps, which rolled out with the iOS 6, which ended up with Apple CEO Tim Cook signing the apology.

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