Apple logos in the backdrop of a Samsung store?


CNET reported that an Italian Samsung Store has Apple logos in the backdrop. As you can see in the image about the circled images are that of App Store and Safari Logos. Which leads one to wonders what happened? With all the lawsuits and the legal war between Samsung and Apple , one would think that Samsung would be careful and stay away from displaying the Apple logo.

Without a fantastic investigative journalism budget that would allow me to fly to the Italian store in question on the company jet on a moment’s notice, I’m left to assume one of three things has happened here:

1. The display was left over from another mobile promotion and only truly nitpicky geeks like us and the folks at All Things D would ever dream of making an issue about a few little icons that only the aforementioned geeks would ever recognize anyway. 
2. Samsung has a terribly backward understanding of the meaning of the term “product placement.”
3. Samsung is stalking Apple. It has Korean factories making nothing but black turtlenecks and jeans. It also has that Safari icon tattooed on its buttocks. And sometimes it just slips up.


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