Apple reported to be wooing developers to support dedicated game controller

A report from Pocket Gamer has been the subject of piqued interests and arguments of late, with the inputs of an expert resource in The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple having his take on the matter.

Apple gaming joypadBased on the report, Apple is revealed to be in the process of wooing developers to feature support for the brand’s dedicated game controller in their featured products and releases.

Taking its story from varied sources who took part in the 2013 Game Developers Conference, the report indicates that there have been a series of “secret meetings” between various developers and representatives from Apple, with the subject matter of Apple’s game controller alleged to be the main agenda of those meetings.

Given that the iOS mobile platform’s lucrative aspects as a gaming platform is undeniable, the report asserts that there is such an Apple-branded gaming device on the works, though the report has been unclear about the actual specification and details of the controller, just as there are no details on when the said controller would be rolled out.

However, the sentiments of expert resource Jim Dalrymple via The Loop has countered the revelation of such “secret meetings”, leaving netizens in heated debates over just what the future holds for an actual Apple-branded game controller into being.

Given that both Samsung and Microsoft are showing indications of offering featured human input devices (HID) for their products, the prospects and possibilities in mobile gaming is one that is backed by the countless number of games featured in App Store, Google Play and Microsoft’s and BlackBerry’s app store equivalents.

While Apple, based on its track history as a brand, has never exactly been known for gaming, it is difficult to say in verbatim that mobile gaming is one area Apple won’t be touching or delving into.

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