Apple reported to lessen its chips and component orders from Samsung

As a brand, Samsung is not only responsible for the development and release of electronic consumer products, but is also known to take in contracts for the development of device components for different brands, essentially defining Samsung as a sub-contractor or toll manufacturer of specific device parts and/or components.

Apple has long been one of Samsung’s bigger clients, with Samsung responsible for developing processors, memory chips and screens for different Apple-branded devices.

Apple reported to lessen its chips and component orders from Samsung
Not surprisingly, word has recently come out that Apple is currently lessening its chips and device component orders from Samsung, with a report from Korea times noted to have indicated the current situation between the two.

The report takes a statement from an official of Samsung, indicating in the report that that Apple has “made it clear it will no longer use its rival’s technology.”

Citing an anonymous source, the report essentially details the fact that Apple is cutting its ties with Samsung, particularly in the development of the A6 processor chips, relegating the production requirements only of the chip to the Korean brand. In the past, the two entities are known to have collaborated in the development of chip designs.

With the ongoing patent war between Samsung and Apple, the new state of the relationship between the two can only be described as understandable, if not natural.

Given how competitive the mobile device industry has become in the past couple of years, the news doesn’t really strike as strange, but it does beg to ask how affected Samsung would be, should Apple actually opt against having their chips being produced.

What do you think? Think Samsung could stand strong on its own?

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