Apple reportedly blocks personnel vacation leaves in lieu with upcoming iPhone launch

AppleInsider reports that Apple has reportedly blocked employee and support personnel vacation leaves for September 15 to 28, with the move essentially viewed as the company’s way of preparing for the upcoming launch of the new iPhone and the new iOS 7.

Upcoming iphone LaunchThe report stems from a sourced internal company circular that indicates that AppleCare personnel leaves have dropped on the above mentioned dates, pointing to the possibility that the “leaks and rumors” surrounding the launch of the device may just be true.

Talk of Apple intent on seeing to the launch and release of two iPhone models have been the hottest newsbit delving into the matter.

A huge chunk of “leaks and rumors” point to the reported launch of two new iPhone units – a first in the history of the company – the “iPhone 5S” and the “iPhone 5C”.

Rumor has it that the “iPhone 5S” will be the more premium-rated handset of the duo, to come with an advanced fingerprint reader. The “iPhone 5C” is reported to bear a more mid-range vibe, to be made with plastic components and to be made available in a variety of body-color options.

Many are convinced that the “iPhone 5C” is most likely the low-cost iPhone everyone’s been talking about since February this year.

With reports of a September 10 launch, Apple is expected to release the new “iPhone 5S” and “iPhone 5C” by September 20, which somewhat fits with the reports of AppleCare personnel leaves being blocked.

We’ll know for sure soon enough if two new iPhones will be launched this month.

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