Apple revealed to lead in Japan’s 2012 mobile market for the first time

Counterpoint Research, in its latest stats, notes that a milestone for Apple had taken place last year, with the brand leading the Japanese mobile market for the first time.

The report essentially shares that throughout 2012, the Cupertino-based brand bested other brands present in the region in terms of sales and overall acceptance from Japan’s mobile consumer market.

Accounting for 16% of the entire country’s mobile market (by the last quarter of 2012), the stats are noted to include the performance stats of all brands and featured phones in the country.

Its revelation certainly says a lot about how Apple’s iPhone had become well accepted in Japan, with the top mobile phone brand title in the country once held by Sharp, for a period of six running years.

The inclusion of the iPhone by telco carriers are noted to have played an important role in the growth of Apple, with KDDI and Softbank featuring iPhone handsets as part of their offered bundled subscription plans.

Even with DoCoMo, the leading telecom entity in the country, not carrying the iPhone, the rated success is unprecedented for Apple in the Land of the Rising Sun, a plus factor that says a lot about Apple’s wares, considering how keen the Japanese are when it comes to quality and durability.

Though far from being a testament that forecasts Apple’s eventual domination in Japan, the newsbit comes as great news for Apple, whose featured products are bound to further impress more markets as they roll out in their own time.

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