Apple rolls out Java update geared in patching security hole

Well that was fast…

After having suffered from a malware-based attack this week, Apple rolled out a new version of Java for the OS X platform, with the new version developed with patches for security holes where the entry of malware bits can affect the overall performance of Mac systems.

Based on the update’s release notes, the new version, dubbed “Java for OS X 2013-001 1.0”, brings improvements to the areas of security and reliability, along with compatibility.

Apple rolls out Java update geared in patching security hole
By default, the new updated version removes previous Apple-issued Java applets, which is then installed over by the new updated version. Upon updating, OS X users are reminded to check with their installed Java for Browsers plugins, to see if their versions are updated and not the older version.

OS X users are also reminded to stay clear from visiting questionable websites, as well as to take note of the key storage spaces where their files and data are stored.

Last Tuesday, word of an attack targeting Apple came out, with few number of Apple employee laptops showing evidence of malware activities. The same proponents responsible for attacking Facebook last week is alleged to be behind the said attacks.

While Apple had been attacked, no pertinent information is said to have been stolen or compromised in the process.

Mac OS X users are urged to update their systems with the new Java for OS X version, with the updated downloadable through Apple’s official Support Webpage portal or though Software Update.

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